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Wicked awsome GIF pictures

Visit it has a huge collection of the funniest animated gif images. I know for a fact I will be visiting this blog page when ever I get the chance.








This is why I love Cats

Water helps babies to dance, its hilarious JUST WATCH!!!


Who would of thought that if you drink Evian water you could become a great dancer. This advert has moved strait to the YouTube favorites, it features 96 babies busting some old skool hip hop grooves to a remix of Rapper’s Delight.

I prefer buying water over fizzy pop so they have won me over 🙂 Visit their website for more videos and info about the making of the adverts. Just Click on the Evian Logo

evian swoosh ENG logo


This what i’m going to watch this weekend ‘Friday‘. Staring Ice Cube (Craig), Chris Tucker (Smokey) and not forgetting Tommy ‘Tiny’ Lister (Debo), this film makes you wet your self, just a little lol.

The Friday trilogy. To be honest my favourite Friday, what is yours?

Booyakasha… Westside is da best

I was just looking through my DVD collection and found Ali G in da House. This film is soooooooooooo funny, i’m just waiting for another funny British film to come out. Most people have seen his latest film Borat and forgotten about this one. Here are some of the funniest clips from the film. I cant stop laughing, if you want to take 10 min of your time to watch these two videos of the funniest clips then do so. And if you haven’t seen this film the I would recommend watching it, buying or borrowing the DVD.

Just from these videos I know there is so much more funny scenes to show you guys. The soundtrack isn’t to bad as well.

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