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Just Passing By

Brilliant use of poetry in this advert. It looks like McDonalds have re-branded. It no longer looks like a cheap fast food place, but a modernized restaurant. The advert shows that everyone seems to come to McDonalds, everyone seems to pass by



Here you can see the most talented artist in UK. This something that I want to go and see! This is how Hip-Hop has influenced artists.

DJ Hero


It was only a matter of time until the brought out DJ Hero. I dont play guitar hero as I am left handed. Stupid game creaters discriminated to left handed players. Even if they didnt none of my friends had a left handed guitar so i have never completed a level.


DJ Hero enables you to switch the decks around so you can uses it wether your left or right handed.


Jan van Nuenen – Physics Distorter

“Did you know that the world is going to end?”

“Did you know that the world is going to end?” According to the mayan calender the END OF THE WORLD will happen in 2012. I love looking into ancient civilisations, myths, legends, theories, my favorite TV series is Heros so its built into me to enjoy supernatural stories.

I saw a trailer for this film the other day and it got me excited

SKAMWORKS – Photoshop legend

Photoshop is my life and it takes years of practice to master. I am confident i am a good digital designer but I need more experience and practice. One thing I do not have is my own photography. The best designers take their own photos and have a vision from the start of a project. Weak designers use photo stock websites and plagiarize images found on google.

I have just stumbled upon an amazing designer called spam works. The quality of each piece of artwork I have found is fantabulus!

Deviant Art: SpamWork


Need to start drawing again

Its been a long time since I have been drawing and I need to get back into it. Just started uni again and I need inpiration. The only thing I have taken any notice of is UK Music. The UK Funky scene has now become the new UK Garage. It is easy listening and makes you want to dance.

This has to be my favorite song right now, its a remix, Attacca Pesante has made this song craaaaaaaaaaaazy good. DOnt get me wrong Bluey is crazy good as well but htey have transformed this onto a funky hit!

My idea is to promote UK Funky through illustration. I just need the right narrative idea. Possibly a comic?

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