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Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

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I went to see it yesterday I would like to confirm that its just as good as the first one. It has more action, more robots and more Megan Fox :).


Its now annoying talking about it cause I want to go back to the cinema. Orange Wednesdays here we come. I am very picky about watching films in the cinema, I tend not to go watch a romance, drama, comedy, Thriller or Horror film. I prefer actions, crime, fantasy, mystery, sci fi and war films and transformers can cover all them genres.

Using the pyramids in the film was awesome. Egypt has one of the most mysterious historic locations of the world, and this movie plays with that well. Devastator (A gigantic Transformer made up of seven Constructicons) has to be the most impressive Transformer of the film. He helps to to reveal the true purpose of the mysterious pyramids.

scene 2

transformers scene

For the die hard Transformer fans there will always be down points. There is not much cybertronian and most of the Robots speak English. Remember its a 12A! Some of the bots like The Twins are just plain stupid and cheesy, but the did make me laugh a bit. If you have watched the animations and films then you know the storyline will always be changed.The fact is its a brilliant film, the CGI is once again mind blowing and there is action scenes with bigger fights, huge explosions and just more madness! Its defiantly a cinema film so don’t wait for the DVD.

Im not going to say much more but WATCH THE FILM NOW If anyone is going this Wednesday to watch it with the 241 Orange Wednesdays at VUE Cinema Portsmouth, I will see you there.

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Wicked awesome game trailer R.U.S.E.

If this game was on the Iphone that would be awesome.

The trailer features two businessmen squaring off against each other in what looks to be a game of Battleships. Using a futuristic touch-sensitive table like the one from Minority Report, they were able to deploy battleships, tanks, fortified guns, and landing craft against one another. However, things got interesting when one of them used fake units as decoys, including stuffed mannequins, and stole victory in the process.

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