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Light Photography – My version

My previous post Light Photography – LICHTFAKTOR inspired my to loan one on the University camaras and trial out some light effects with the camera. I think I got some good photos in but im not quite there yet


The Gorillaz – A genius creation!


Everyone must remember the song and the music video “Clint Eastwood” by the Gorillaz. I remember the days when you would watch MTV or VH1 and music videos would come on. Now everything is on youtube so there is no point watching TV. Once a music video is released it is posted strait onto a blog site or youtube channel. Then everyone logs onto twitter and all hell breaks loose and everyone goes tweeting crazy.

Any ways the “Clint Eastwood” music video stood out for me, it introduced the world to a Virtual Band and now the the Gorillaz are in the Guinness book of world records. I like them because of the animations and character designs. A virtual Band is such a great concept and I hope to produce something similar in my project. They even have an episode of MTV’s Cribs. So who are the Gorillaz?

“Gorillaz is an animated 4-member hip-hop/trip-hop collective or super group that includes artists such as 2D, Murdoc, Noodle and Russel. The persons who did the spade work for the band creation were Damon Albarn (of Blur) and Jamie Hewlett, who created the Tank Girl.”

I found a clip that I would like to share with you, its the remastered version of Dirty Harry.

Hip hop culture in art and animation

Im looking for hip hop influenced artwork. As I am in my final year of university I have a huge quantity of research to do. My biggest influence is urban music, so after a few hours of looking through blogs and websites i have found some great links to share with everyone.

The Boondocks


The Boondocks is an American animated series created by Aaron McGruder for the american TV channel Adult Swim. It is based upon McGruder’s comic strip, which he started at the end of his college studies.

The Boondocks is a social satire of American culture and race relations (or stereotypes in the world), revolving around the lives of the Freeman family: ten-year-old Huey, his younger brother, eight-year-old Riley, and their grandfather, Robert. Below is a quck youtube click of the animated series. If you haven’t seen any before, its extremely funny but has extremely BAD LANGUAGE.

The artwork is anime influenced but with a hip hop twist. Each series usually has a new character based on an iconic urban artist. The hip hop fashion culture is also expressed through different characters. Some having baggy jeans, jewelry, baseball caps and hoodys. I believe this has been the first comic/ animated series to represent hip hop culture and just the The Simpsons, it is the pioneer of this style so it will stay around for a long time.

Click here to visit the Boondocks Website



There are lot of hip hop artists that are inspired by superheroes and supervillians. Artist like Big Punisher, Chali 2na, DJ Clark Kent have all obviously started a career by using their favorite characters to kick boost start their music success.

Creators of Blokhedz, Brandon Schultz and the Mad Twiinz, Mike and Mark Davis, write and illustrate the comic book series. The story is about an inner-city MC called Blak, battling the cold streets of Empire City. Boondocks is different as it feeds of stereotypes and media influences to produce storylines, where as Blokheds is more far fetched in character personalities as they have special powers to overcome the villains. Here is a short YouTube video for you to look at

Info from:
Mission G

Destroy All Mics

Destroy All Mics

Destroy All Mics is a blog site I have found randomly searching ‘hip hop comics’ in google. I believe the blog site was created by some artists from a collective called Flood Works. The blog site only has 2 pieces of artwork but they are worth looking at. I would love to see them create more iconic hip hop figures. The image above is called BRO.D.O.C., the BROther Designed Only for Chillin’. It is a mash up of the hip hop legend Notorious BIG and the marvel character MODOK which i think is pretty cool

Click here to visit the blog site



I have a previous post about Tyrese’s Mayhem comic book so I wont say to much about it. Click here to read it. Tyrese starred in the comic book movie Transformers, Revenge of the Fallen and just after the release of Transformers 2, he launched the series of Mayhem.



The Amreican superstar rapper, producer and actor is a globally recognized artist. He has had sold out concerts worldwide, multi platinum albums and Slim Shady clothing line, so he has become a huge icon for many different cultures and races. After winning a grammy in 1999 for his debut album “Slim Shady LP” he is now recognized as one of the most influential hip hop stars of all time. One thing I admire about him is comical music videos. Here is the video for the single”Without Me,” where he poses as a superhero called Rap Boy

Eminem also has a animated series called The Slim Shady Show A youtube clip is below. WARNING it has bad language.

eminem xxl mag

To be at the top of the game you need great marketing strategies. So just before the release of his previous albumThe Relapse he featured in the comic series The Punisher. Click here to read the EMINEN VS THE PUNISHER. I didnt think it was that great but its something different. Eminem seems to love the comic book look and I hope he continues to push his creativity through illustration and animation.


Here you can see the most talented artist in UK. This something that I want to go and see! This is how Hip-Hop has influenced artists.

DJ Hero


It was only a matter of time until the brought out DJ Hero. I dont play guitar hero as I am left handed. Stupid game creaters discriminated to left handed players. Even if they didnt none of my friends had a left handed guitar so i have never completed a level.


DJ Hero enables you to switch the decks around so you can uses it wether your left or right handed.


Jan van Nuenen – Physics Distorter

SKAMWORKS – Photoshop legend

Photoshop is my life and it takes years of practice to master. I am confident i am a good digital designer but I need more experience and practice. One thing I do not have is my own photography. The best designers take their own photos and have a vision from the start of a project. Weak designers use photo stock websites and plagiarize images found on google.

I have just stumbled upon an amazing designer called spam works. The quality of each piece of artwork I have found is fantabulus!

Deviant Art: SpamWork


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