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I love to smile :)

Twista kills it once again


Jeremih, America’s new STAR

Listen to his new track “I’m a Star (Everywhere we are)”


Birthday Sex” is the much loved slow jam by Jeremih, which peaked at number 4 on the Billboard Hot 100 and topped the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs. If you haven’t already herd it then dont worry cause there is plenty more to come from his debut album titled “Jeremih”. Watch the video and then visit his myspace page

Ocean’s 7 Mixtape (J.D., Usher, Nelly, Trey Songz, Jhonta Austin, B. Cox) – 3000 and 9 Sh**

To downlaod the mixtape CLICK HERE

VEGAS BABY!!!! I only got one thing to say and that is download this now!!! The Swagga is to much, no one can touch these guys. I think Trey Songz is probably the most talented R&B singer of our era and anything he touches turns to gold. Im not even going to touch on Usher and Nelly cause we all know they do alot. The video for “So Much Swagg” just shows that when the big playas in the game collaborate the next ere of music is created. Watch this video:

HomeGrown Salutes – 30 Years of Hip Hop


Nuff respect to Ras Kwame for last nights HomeGrown show. BBC 1xtra is definately the station to listen to. Celebrating 30 years of hip-hop his show highlighted how important Hip-hop has been to us and how it has lifted and inspired our lifestyle. The best thing about his show was the performances, Roll Deep performed “C.R.E.A.M” by Wu Tang Clan, Ms Dynamite performed “Doo wop” by Lauryn Hill, Bashy performed “Keep your head up” by Tupac and to finish off the show Scorcher, Wretch 32, Chipmunk performed Sugahill gang‘s classic “Rappers delight” I want to thank him again for bringing back the real hip-hop vibes and for everyone that has read this blog please watch the video to his show from the link below.

Watch the Video

Opening up the show was this song by Rodney P, Chester P, Kano, C mone, Yungun, Sway, J2K, Swiss, Baby Blu, Skibadee, Luke Skyes, MC D – Rappers Delight, (1Xtra 25th Anniversary special)

Im not going to stop there, next Ras played the song Coming back with it byKasha, one of the UK next biggest UK artists. I first saw this guy perform at the Start, Think, Stop event at the Ministry of Sound a couple weeks back, which was run by Alex Rose for his anti Gun and Knife crime campaign “STOP” Keep doing your thing Ras!!!


Old Skool video when MTV use to play music videos. Now everyone just goes on youtube and MTV plays reality shows. Richard Blackwood is a fuuuuuuuuuuuuny guy but watching this video now it reminds me of Will Smith. Richard has the biggest smile and the whitest teeth so you cant help but laugh. I recently saw him at the Start, Think, Stop event in the the Ministry of Sound, London. Run by Alexander Rose this was the STOP campaigns first public event. Richard showing his full support to the Anti Gun and Knife crime campaign it helped Alex get a lot of public interest. More info on that event tom come.

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UK Talent

Most people follow american hip hop and r&b, but I say that UK has enough to keep us entertained. The UK funky scene is at its peak right now, and every still loves the old skool garage. Craig David, Taio Cruz, Jay Sean, just some names that have blown up but please don’t forget people like Nathan and the up and coming superstar YOUNG NATE, check out his new single I WONDER

Lions, Tigers, and Bears – Jazmine Sullivan

This girl has a beautiful voice, this is a song that makes you remember your childhood and how you have overcome challenges in your life. Her voice is really inspiring and another song to check out is Fear. This song reminds me of a song called Let The Drama Kid by Citizen Cope, most people remember this song from Coach Carter, the scene were Samuel is in the gym by him self reflecting on the decisions he made. The song is also from the O.C. I think, if not it was some rubbish American series like that. Any ways check out Jazmine’s album Fearless it is one to definitely buy.

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