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Vote your favorite Michael Jackson Album

Vote your favorite album

After Thursdays shocking news the whole world has shown its love and respect to the greatest entertainer that ever lived. I know his music will live on forever and will continue to influence millions more people.

I remember the first cassette tape ever given to me which was HIStory part 1. At the age of 6 this was all I ever listened to. Then one Christmas I got a walkman and more Michael Jackson CDs. Every Christmas I would look forward to a new Michael Jackson cassette, CD, video, doll, book, anything related to MJ would make me happy. I would read his album books and draw all the pictures. When I got the dangerouse album I would stare at the album cover for hours at a time trying to pick out all the images used. Dangerous The only thing Michael Jackson I never got was to go to one of his concerts. From when he announced that he was having more concerts here in the UK it made me believe my childhood dream was going to come true. It hurts right now, knowing I will never see him perform live.

It is everyone’s dream to have met Michael and I will treasure all his albums for the rest of my life. Its still hard to believe that he has passed away. Please leave your comments and thoughts.


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