Mayhem for Tyrese, his Comic release today!!!


Tyrese has to be one of the hardest working superstars of today. It is extremely difficult to dominate different industries and Tyrese is one few them few lucky guys to have more than one piece of the pie. Vocally Tyrese is extremely talented and he archived more than the average singer/ song writer, my favourite album has to be Alter Ego as he surprised me as a great rapper and had some great collaborations. We all know rappers and singers can not act, they just end up embarrass them selves. Onece again very few put it off and Ty one of the guys!!! 4 brothers, 2 fast 2 furious, Transformers, they are all great films I could watch over again. I recently watched the epic Transformers, Revenge of the Fallen, I was pretty impressed if you read my review.

This entrepreneur has taken a dive in a different industry. Comic books boosts peoples imagination and Ty has done just that. As I am an illustrator I love comics and its great to see someone that already inspires you to share another creative passion. Watch this:

I am frequently updated with the urban music scene by my good friend and blogging genius iamluca and he is lucky enough to have a copy of the new comic. He was the first to let me know about Ty’s new comic book a few weeks back.


The comic reminds me of Spawn and I remember watching it when I was a kid, it made me hate clowns soooo much. I still do hate them. I have the videos in my room so that is definitely something I will be watching tonight! Im glad another black super hero has been created cause Halloween isn’t fun when you always go as will smith form MIB! I have never seen a Spawn outfit in the shops and plus I was 10 when the film came out.

I know the idea for a film has come into Tyrese’s head and I cant wait until that happens. My first step is to order the comics, read, enjoy, draw and blog!!! Then I can get ready for a film

Order now:

Follow Tyrese on twitter: TYrese4REal


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