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Hawaii Party in Portsmouth

Final Front Flyer (LOW RES)

Final Back Flyer (LOW RES)


New flyer designs for Liquid Basingstoke Wednesdays

Wednesday Front flyer

Wednesday Back flyer

This is why I love Cats

Portsmouth’s favorite Bar

Lloyds Bar Final Monday Flyer

The “Traf” (short for The Trafalgar) in my opinion is the best bar to go to in Portsmouth. Being a Lloyds Bar / Wetherspoons, they have the largest selection of drinks imported from around the world. India, Mexico, Poland, what ever country you name they have the national favorite. Having a huge range of beers, ales, ciders, cocktails, wines, spirits, shooters, can get you excited any night you go out. If I was an alcoholic this place would be heaven for me. By the way I’m not trying to promote irresponsible drinking lol. The best thing about the Traf’ is they price watch all other bars so you end up saving money, but then spending it to buy more drinks.

Liquid & Envy is probably Portsmouth’s favorite place to go on the populr Monday nights. What more and more people are learning is that the traf’ is the pre-party for this. The Traf’ has two floors and on a Monday night the star DJ Michael Otton turns the top floor into the biggest week night rave. So good that people end up staying there all night and forgetting about Liquid. I was really excited when they approached me to design a flyer for them. I recommend going there on a Saturday or Monday night

Lloyds Bar Final Friday Flyer

Derren Brown Art website

Derren Brown

The long awaited website of Derren Brown’s caricature creations is finally live. The website features many distorted and exaggerated paintings of his celebrity friends. His portfolio of paintings is fantastic and the great thing about it is you can order high quality prints, each signed indivudually by Mr. Brown. To visit his site just click on his portrait.

Another link I would recommend is visiting his blog page, it is updated daily and has the most extraordinary posts.

Art can be expensive!


The amazing origami artist Artist Won Park has developed the most fascinating hobby with money. When faced with the choice of making money or making art, Park chose both. The most amazing thing is you can learn how to do it from his tutorials. Click on the links below to learn more about his artwork.

Yahoo Groups

Water helps babies to dance, its hilarious JUST WATCH!!!


Who would of thought that if you drink Evian water you could become a great dancer. This advert has moved strait to the YouTube favorites, it features 96 babies busting some old skool hip hop grooves to a remix of Rapper’s Delight.

I prefer buying water over fizzy pop so they have won me over 🙂 Visit their website for more videos and info about the making of the adverts. Just Click on the Evian Logo

evian swoosh ENG logo

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