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Street King Logo

“I had the theoretic idea in my head of how i wanted the image of my company, your design services greatly transmuted the idea into the logo you came up with that i could not have thought of. My new business image, as important as it is, has not only drawn attention from people and competitors but has also brought in a lot of business for us! Thanks for your expertise and guidance and to all i meet, who believe image is everything, i will undoubtedly direct them your way”
Lee Murwira
Street King

Vote your favorite Michael Jackson Album

Vote your favorite album

After Thursdays shocking news the whole world has shown its love and respect to the greatest entertainer that ever lived. I know his music will live on forever and will continue to influence millions more people.

I remember the first cassette tape ever given to me which was HIStory part 1. At the age of 6 this was all I ever listened to. Then one Christmas I got a walkman and more Michael Jackson CDs. Every Christmas I would look forward to a new Michael Jackson cassette, CD, video, doll, book, anything related to MJ would make me happy. I would read his album books and draw all the pictures. When I got the dangerouse album I would stare at the album cover for hours at a time trying to pick out all the images used. Dangerous The only thing Michael Jackson I never got was to go to one of his concerts. From when he announced that he was having more concerts here in the UK it made me believe my childhood dream was going to come true. It hurts right now, knowing I will never see him perform live.

It is everyone’s dream to have met Michael and I will treasure all his albums for the rest of my life. Its still hard to believe that he has passed away. Please leave your comments and thoughts.

New Jeremih Album

Jeremih Album

Jeremih will release his debut album on Tuesday June 30th. His first single “Birthday Sex” reached number 4 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 chart and smashed its way to the top of the U.S. Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart. The new Def Jam talent is sure to have a huge career.

Here is the track listing for his new debut album titled “Jeremih”.

1. That Body
2. Birthday Sex
3. Break Up To Make Up
4. Runway
5. Raindrops
6. Starting All Over
7. Imma Star (Everywhere We Are)
8. Jumpin
9. Hatin’ On Me
10. My Sunshine
11. My Ride
12. Buh Bye
13. Birthday Sex (Up-tempo) (Bonus)

Be sure to visit his myspace for a preview of all his new songs.

Michael Jackson is not dead! Just turn on the radio!

He is not dead because his music will live on forever!

Michael Jackson has died

michael jackson

It is confirmed that the greatest entertainer of all time Michael Jackson, has died at the age of 50. After being rushed to hospital in Los Angeles, several US reports have confirmed his death.

The impact and inspiration that Michael Jackson has had on the world is undescribable. Michael Jackson has always been the exception to fit into all genres of music. What ever it is Pop, Rock, R&B, he merged the music industry togehter and touched all music lovers.

I am proud to say he has moved and inspired me all of my life. The first tape I bought was off the wall. This moment is a bookmark in history and hundreds and thousands of people will pay tribute to him. I know over the next week I will be illustration all my thoughts on MJ to post here.

I dont think this will sink into peoples head untill a couple days. Get ready to hear MJ on the radio 247 for the next couple days.

I am truely shocked right now! He has been my music god and made me think anything is possible in life. His music will live on for eternity. This means he is not dead, he is in my heart forever.

Watch BBC live now Click here

The Stig Revealed: Top Gear


The Stig has long since been a mystery to all Top Gear viewers, and for years we’ve all begged for his identity to be revealed, and not the moment we’ve all been waiting for… Top Gear’s The Stig has been unveiled as…

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