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Ocean’s 7 Mixtape (J.D., Usher, Nelly, Trey Songz, Jhonta Austin, B. Cox) – 3000 and 9 Sh**

To downlaod the mixtape CLICK HERE

VEGAS BABY!!!! I only got one thing to say and that is download this now!!! The Swagga is to much, no one can touch these guys. I think Trey Songz is probably the most talented R&B singer of our era and anything he touches turns to gold. Im not even going to touch on Usher and Nelly cause we all know they do alot. The video for “So Much Swagg” just shows that when the big playas in the game collaborate the next ere of music is created. Watch this video:


October’s Very Own, DRAKE


Drake is the next biggest artist in the game, I hope any ways. Since I first herd Brand New feat. Lil Wayne I have wondered who this Drake guy is. I first thought he was another R&B singer but this guy is a extremely talented and inspirational rapper. Visit his blog page and download his mixtape, you wont be disappointed. First i want you to listen to this track and let me know what you think.

I just want to be successful. This song has inspired me a lot. As we pass our stepping stones in life we all think the same. Working towards challenging goals in life makes you passionate about your work. That is what I like about Drake, you can hear the passion in his voice.

Tonight @ Liquid & Envy


College Nights UK bring down the E4 favorites ‘The Inbetweeners’ For more info about the event please click here

The Inbetweener’s will be joining us LIVE in Liquid to entertain us all with party games, stand up comedy and backing tracks from our favourite club classics.

On top of this in Envy we have the biggest urban, hip hop, bashment and grime tracks of today being blasted out all night long from special guest DJ,

DJ Chris Spencer
DJ Munza
DJ Grind


End of term Back

Please click on flyer to get full details about the event


End of term Front

Please click on flyer to get full details about the event


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My Big Questioning Mind

Perception of God

Click on the image to read the first edition of my magazine. I will confront those who are ignorant towards all the challenging views of god’s existence. I will feed them with debates and skeptical visions to take away and share with others. I will touch topics on the paranormal, supernatural, and divine things that are just out of this world.

God is most often conceived of as the supernatural creator and overseer of the universe, however god’s existence is not accepted by everyone. Are you a believer? Find out what type of perception you have.

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