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HomeGrown Salutes – 30 Years of Hip Hop


Nuff respect to Ras Kwame for last nights HomeGrown show. BBC 1xtra is definately the station to listen to. Celebrating 30 years of hip-hop his show highlighted how important Hip-hop has been to us and how it has lifted and inspired our lifestyle. The best thing about his show was the performances, Roll Deep performed “C.R.E.A.M” by Wu Tang Clan, Ms Dynamite performed “Doo wop” by Lauryn Hill, Bashy performed “Keep your head up” by Tupac and to finish off the show Scorcher, Wretch 32, Chipmunk performed Sugahill gang‘s classic “Rappers delight” I want to thank him again for bringing back the real hip-hop vibes and for everyone that has read this blog please watch the video to his show from the link below.

Watch the Video

Opening up the show was this song by Rodney P, Chester P, Kano, C mone, Yungun, Sway, J2K, Swiss, Baby Blu, Skibadee, Luke Skyes, MC D – Rappers Delight, (1Xtra 25th Anniversary special)

Im not going to stop there, next Ras played the song Coming back with it byKasha, one of the UK next biggest UK artists. I first saw this guy perform at the Start, Think, Stop event at the Ministry of Sound a couple weeks back, which was run by Alex Rose for his anti Gun and Knife crime campaign “STOP” Keep doing your thing Ras!!!


WHY??? A sleeply night


I have been up all night designing flyers and attempting to do some uni work. Sometimes I sit back and think, i think about the decision that i make and try to discover why i make them decisions. In just over a month I will be finishing university and graduating. What does this mean? Do i now have to get a job? Why is it in peoples heads that you have to complete school, college, university, then go into full time work. Did i come to university because i wanted to, or was it because i was told it was the best thing for me to do? I cant remember. I know what I want to do with my life and I have very hard and ambitious plan for the future. One thing I don’t know is what will i do if i reach all my goals in life? We all come across obstacles that stop us getting to our destination, then we have to create a solution to get around it, to continue forwards. So as you get closer to your goal or destination your knowledge becomes greater.So if you take a difficult journey then you are always learning and developing. When something is easy then you search for something harder to complete. Tron04BigLike playing TRON, if the level is to easy then you move up to the harder levels. But what happens if you complete all the levels? Can you complete all the levels? I haven’t, that game is seriuos!!! Will we always be in search for something to challenge our knowledge and take us along an undiscovered path. My alarm just went off to wake up so i think i need to rest now. Enough with the philosophical thoughts as my head is hurting


Old Skool video when MTV use to play music videos. Now everyone just goes on youtube and MTV plays reality shows. Richard Blackwood is a fuuuuuuuuuuuuny guy but watching this video now it reminds me of Will Smith. Richard has the biggest smile and the whitest teeth so you cant help but laugh. I recently saw him at the Start, Think, Stop event in the the Ministry of Sound, London. Run by Alexander Rose this was the STOP campaigns first public event. Richard showing his full support to the Anti Gun and Knife crime campaign it helped Alex get a lot of public interest. More info on that event tom come.

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